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British wrestling history has a name - Heritage

Wrestling Heritage celebrates the glorious days of 

British professional wrestling 

between the years 1930 and 1988.

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16th February
Joey Scarlo, R.I.P.
Sad to report the death of the popular Joey Scarlo on 14th February.

16th February
Part 4 0f our series covering wrestlers, wrestling and unions.

If you are researching a wrestling ancestor Ron Historyo is waiting to help you.
16th February
Steve Serene shares more of his memorabilia collection - the Pallo family and the independents

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A new series begins, tracing the rise and fall of Britain's 1930s wrestling stars. Only in the newsletter

9th February
Eddie Rose entertained us fifty years ago and he's still entertaining us today. 
Eddie Rose tells us of his Very Good Friends in Wrestling.
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9th February
Tony Vallon, R.I.P.
Sad news received of the death of one of the 1950s stalwarts of British wrestling

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9th February
Stranglehold - Wrestlers, Wrestling and Unions
Part 3 of a six part series tracing the history of wrestlers and unions. This week we see the formation of the Wrestling Federation of Great Britain.
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8th February

Wrestling Heritage celebrates Portugal's Carlos Rocha, who has died aged 93

Carlos Rocha, R.I.P.
2nd February
More French Memories from James Morton
2nd February
Emil Koroschenko has been added to the Flying Stars section
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2nd February
Part 4 and we continue to trace the build-up to the big fight of 1904, Hackenschmidt against Madrali.
2nd February
Fanfare for Europe was a nationwide celebration of events marking Britain's entry into the Common Market.
Wrestling Leads The Way
26th January
Heritage wrestling friend Steve Serene shares more of  his collection of wrestling memorabilia in the Gallery. Jackie Pallo set 2 and Wrestling Personalities.
26th January
Part 2 of our series looking at Britain's Olympic wrestling heritage, 1900, 1904 and the interim Games of 1906.
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Shining Stars - the most famous names in wrestling

Recent Personalities in Personality Parade

It's All About the Memories

Heritage's James Morton shares his wrestling memories from the days he lived in France.
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Eddie Rose wrestled the best in the business in a twenty odd year career. He tells us of his toughest opponents

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The memories we don't want to lose

The golden memories of our most treasured members


11th February
Remembering Jackie Pallo on the anniversary of his death in 2006.

8th February
This week's newsletter remembers Whipper Billy Watson on the anniversary of his death.

1st February
Remembering Douglas Clark on the anniversary of his death.
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5th January
Wrestling Heritage remembers George Kidd on the anniversary of his death.
A Very Peculiar Phenomenon

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