British wrestling history          
has a name     

British wrestling history has a name - Heritage

Wrestling Heritage celebrates the glorious days of British professional wrestling

between the years 1930 and 1988.


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11th February

On the anniversary of his death in 2006 

Wrestling Heritage remembers

Jackie Mr TV Pallo

The First Celebrity

10th February

Incredible ... Unbelievable ... Amazing  

Otto Acron

Our latest addition to Flying Stars

3rd February

Les Thornton

has died

Read our tribute

Les Thornton, R.I.P.

3rd February

The history of British pro wrestling

A Year of Wrestling, 1953

30th January

Local Hero

A series that celebrates lesser known names who were no less great

Bob Bannister

27th January

Personality Parade

A Mat Man With A Mat

20th January

Flying Stars

A new addition to our section that celebrates overseas visitors

Steve Adonis

20th January

The never ending story. Additions to the Wrestling Heritage A-Z

Horace Taylor .....  Roger Tofield ..... Hec Trudeau ..... Emmanuel Garcia ..... Andre Gasnier ..... Laurent Gerstmanns ..... Steve Adonis .....   Albert Allen ..... Andy Anderson ..... Abe Arbuckle ..... Cliff Attenborough ..... Eric Ayres

14th January

Mick Collins, R.I.P.

We are saddened to announce the sudden death last night, Sunday, of Mick Collins, aged 70.  Mick was a good friend of this website, providing much of the information regarding Jack Taylor's stable of wrestlers.

Read our tribute

13th January

Basford's Italian Hearthrob

Bob Abbott

Read our tribute

11th January

Death Blood and Guts

The Dr Blood - Dr Death Feud

Read the story by Main Mask

10th January

Six new albums from Ron Historyo

Ron Historyo's Albums

6th January

Time to celebrate the stars of British wrestling ...the fans.

The Wrestling Heritage 2019 New Years Honours


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British wrestling history has a name ... Heritage

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