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31st July
The sad loss of  the one and only Mark Rollerball Rocco, who died today, aged just 69.
Wrestling Heritage pays tribute to to a true wrestling legend.

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30th July
Holiday At Home
Join Ron Historyo on a short break to North Wales. No quarantine required following a visit to Ron's ten new albums in the Gallery
22nd July

Many readers of Wrestling Heritage are of an age when they have vivid memories of American magazines of the 1960s, where they read of the exploits of Thesz, Sammartino, Gagne, and a man called Karl Gotch.

Read our tribute to

Karel Istaz

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19th July

Only one wrestler entered the ring with a geisha girl on each arm. Yes, and an eagle on his chest, a tiger and a couple of soldiers. ....

Johnny Eagles

And Johnny in the USA

19th July
The iconic Max Ward brought a touch of American style razzmatazz as the referee wearing his trademark striped shirt.....
19th July
Albeit a much derided sport in the 1930s professional wrestling certainly attracted some genuinely combative figures, and none more so than Matsuda......

19th July
With sadness we report the death of 1960s middleweight Terry Camm, aged 82. Read our tribute ...

12th July
The evolution of the Catch-Hold Wrestling on the Continent. Folk wrestling styles of Frankish heritage.
By Ruslan C Pashayev
12th July
Another man from across the Atlantic. Yet when the big man from North Carolina stepped into British rings all was not quite that it seemed. 
Read our celebration of

6th July
With sadness we report the death of Heritage member and a fan of seven decades, David Franklin.

5th July
Heritage celebrates Rex Gable. And yes, he was British.

5th July
The Journey Continues for our Man Down Under.

28th June
Tragedy brought an abrupt end to the career and life of a British champion.

28th June
It's Dickie Steinborn Night. As remembered by Our Man Down Under as he continues his wrestling journey.

28th June
Wrestling Heritage celebrates an Eagle, a White Eagle that is.
Read our tribute to the star from Wakefield.

Shining Stars - the most famous names in wrestling

More Recent Losses

28th June
We are saddened to announce the death of our friend Ray Plunkett. 

2nd May, 2020
We are saddened to report the death of Middlesbrough's Bob McDonald on 26th April.
22nd April, 2020
John "Taffy" Jenkins, R.I.P.

17th April
Al Marshall, R.I.P.

More Recent Tributes

28th June
There was a Haystacks before Giant Haystacks.
Haystacks Ed Bright

28th June
Hurricane Keith Haward
Hurricane of the 1980s

31st May, 2020
The Ladies Who Wrestled

31st May, 2020
The Ladies Who Wrestled

It's All About the Memories

17th May, 2020

More memories as Eddie Rose reaches the end of the road with part 2 of his Long, Long Journey.

A Long, Long Journey: Wrestlers and Car Travel

Tony Cassio's daughter, Cassie, has written to Heritage and Talk Wrestling members.
Steve Serene returns with another collection of handbills and programmes.
Steve Serene Albums
Eddie Rose entertained us fifty years ago and he's still entertaining us today. 
Eddie Rose tells us of his Very Good Friends in Wrestling.
Read more


21st July
The anniversary of the death of Al Hayes

12th July
Heritage remembers a Welsh man 110 years after his birth,Taffy Jones

6th July
Celebrate Alf Cadman on the anniversary of his death in 2012.

30th June
One year ago today Scotland's Sandy Soutar died.


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