British wrestling history 
has a name...

British wrestling history has a name - Heritage

Wrestling Heritage celebrates the glorious days of 

British professional wrestling 

between the years 1930 and 1988.

Wrestling Heritage - Preserving Britain's social history

19th January
This Mad Jock's An Englishman - Jock Campbell is added to Personality Parade.
Big, bearded and brutish Mad Jock Campbell (or Cameron if you prefer)  looked the part of a great wrestling villain, which he was. Nineteen stones and six feet tall proclaimed the publicity, and it was probably fairly accurate...

19th January
Part 2 of our series looking at Britain's Olympic wrestling heritage, 1900, 1904 and the interim Games of 1906.

19th January
Part 2 and we continue to trace the build-up to the big fight of 1904, Hackenschmidt against Madrali.

12th January
It's all about the memories. Heritage's James Morton shares his wrestling memories from the days he lived in France.

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If you are researching a wrestling ancestor Ron Historyo is waiting to help you. Ron and the Heritage team have helped dozens of families discover their family's wrestling past.

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12th January
Heritage wrestling friend Steve Serene begins to share his collection of wrestling memorabilia in the Gallery, beginning with his two friends Jackie Pallo and Son

5th January
Wrestling Heritage celebrates Australian visitor Mark Anthony
Back in the old days we knew who the bad guys were because we had rules. ....

5th January
Wrestling Heritage celebrates the fans who made it possible.
Are you an Heritage Award winner this time around?
4th January
Wrestling Heritage remembers Dave Bond on the anniversary of his death.

5th January
Re-live Manchester's golden days with ringside reports from Eddie Rose

5th January
Wrestling Heritage remembers George Kidd on the anniversary of his death.

22nd December
Eddie is back. Heritage favourite Eddie Rose has returned to tell us about some of his toughest opponents

22nd December
Wrestling Heritage remembers a visitor of the 1960s.
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22nd December
Celebrating the great Eric Taylor, who died on 20th December, 2000.

21st December
Remembering Three Cornered Jack on the anniversary of his death in 1991
One of the most fondly remembered  characters of wrestling Jack Atherton was a hard man who was well skilled in wrestling and very familiar with its less sophisticated aspects; which was no doubt led to disqualification in his first professional bout!.....
18th December
Remember Mal Kirk, born 18th December 1936.

Mal Kirk was one of the last great heavyweight villains, a man who carried forward the proud tradition of great wrestling villains Robert McDonald, Jim Hussey and Ian Campbell.

He was a fearsome and powerful heavyweight  who, at his peak, could move surprisingly nimbly around the ring, and notably defeated world champion and popular local boy Mike Marino at the Royal Albert Hall. .....

16th December
Ron Historyo is back from the vault and brings another fascinating collection of wrestling days long gone.
11th December
It's the anniversary of the first visit to Britain of the great American heavyweight Lot Thesz and Heritage has added it's own tribute.
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10th December
Andy Robin, R.I.P.
Andy Robin died last week. We pay tribute to this great wrestler and his bear, Hercules.

2nd December
On the anniversary of his death on 2nd December, 1997, Shirley Crabtree has been added to Personality Parade

1st December

Giant Haystacks died on 29th November, 1988.

He is remembered in this week's Heritage Newsletter.

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Wrestling Heritage Newsletters
24th November
Romeo Joe is in Personality Parade. Or maybe that should be Personality Plus Parade.
The Lancashire town of Wigan is famed for a rugby team,  pies, Uncle Joe's Mintballs, and wrestlers .....
24th November
Sad news as we hear of the death of another 1960s wrestler, Fazal Ilahi.
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