British wrestling history          
has a name     

British wrestling history has a name - Heritage

Wrestling Heritage celebrates the glorious days of British professional wrestling

between the years 1930 and 1988.


Heritage News ..... Heritage News ..... Heritage News ..... Heritage News ..... 

25th May

New to Hard As Nails

Too serious to smile



22nd May

Anniversary of the death of Mick McManus

The Man We Loved To Hate

16th May
Ron Historyo continues his trail of wrestling's glorious past

9th May

Additions to the Wrestling Heritage 


 Paul Britton, Ed Strangler Brooks, George Brooks, Saxon Brooks,  Brown Mask, Brown Masked Marvel, Blue Buchanan, Bill Burton, Ted Burton

9th May

More fantastic memories as Ron Historyo takes us on another trip down memory lane

London Acton

28th April

More additions to the Heritage Gallery, thanks to Ron Historyo

Reading 1968 - 70


21st April

The history of wrestling in bite sized pieces arrives at 1954.

A Year of Wrestling 1954


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