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19th April


On the anniversary of his birth in 1927 we add a tribute to Bradford's Bernard Murray

Read Bernard Murray

18th April

A new series from Martin Campbell. 

Martin  takes us back to 1968 featuring a 19 year-old Steve Clements and some interesting thoughts about wages. Read the Martin Campbell files in the Media section

18th April


This week's newsletter includes:

  • Anniversaries
  • Kent Walton's Top 50
  • Lancashire Styles
  • Bernard Murray
  • Keith Williamson
  • Chick Knight

The Newsletter

17th April


Celebrate heavyweight champion Gerry Hoggarth on the anniversary of his birth in 1922.

The Iron Man of the Lakes

13th April

Wrestling Heritage remembers the great New Zealand heavyweight John DaSilva, who died on 8th April

John DaSilva

11th April


One of the baddies we just loved. 

Read our tribute to Bolton's India Rubber Russian

Ivan Penzekoff

9th April


On the anniversary of his birth read our tribute to Henri Pierlot/Les Thornton.

The Frenchish Connection

9th April


The death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

Royalty at the Royal

London's Loveable Villain

The True Story of Chick "Cocky" Knight's Colourful Life 


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7th April

Happy Birthday Boys

Bob Kirkwood

Jimmy Devlin

4th April


Read Martin Campbell's latest tribute.  

The Continuing Story of Gentleman Jim Lewis

1st April


A gentleman outside of the ring, but not so gentlemanly inside.

Read our tribute to Al Tarzo

Al Tarzo

28th March


A tribute to two Yorkshire Farmers, Champions in their Field

Read our tribute to George Broadfield and Harry Fields

24th March


Following the box office success of the horror film, The Exorcist, wrestling cashed in with an Exorcist all of their own.  Well, two actually. Or three. Probably more.

Read our tribute to The Exorcist

23rd March


On this day in 1888 the birth of a wrestling pioneer and one of the architects of the 1930s wrestling style.

Read our tribute to Henry Irslinger

21st March

Martin Campbell celebrates Giant Haystacks on the 25th anniversary of his last fight. The incredible story of The Last Ring Days of a Legend

Giant Haystacks

21st March


Today would have been the 90th birthday of John Allan. Read our tribute to The Son of the Soil

Farmer Johnny Allan

20th March


A controversial character Orig Williams did things his way. On the anniversary of his birth in  1931 read our tribute to The Defender of the Dragon

Orig Williams

19th March


On this day in 1903 the birth of Mario Magisti.

Read our tribute to this colourful character in wrestling history.

Mario Magisti

15th March


A new tribute as Wrestling Heritage celebrates the Welsh rugby international and heavyweight wrestler Sandy Orford.

Read our tribute to Sandy Orford

15th March


The RAF Colossus Bomber Bates, who was also the man behind the mask of one of our greatest masked wrestlers.

Read our tribute to Bomber Bates

14th March


Costas Astreos was one of the most popular wrestlers of the 1930s and owner of a business empire in the north of England.

Read our tribute to Costas Astreos

14th March


Stefan Milla - The man always associated with Copenhagen and Westminster. 

You'd be surprised.

Read our tribute to Stefan Milla.

Stefan Milla

13th March


Happy birthday to Sam Betts, better known as Dwight J Ingleburgh

Read our tribute to Dwight J Ingleburgh

13th March


On this day in 1934 the birth of Shipley heavyweight Geoff Portz

Read our tribute to Geoff Portz

Shining Stars - the most famous names in wrestling

More Recent Losses

14th February

We are saddened to report the sudden death of erstwhile Reunion organiser, wrestler and promoter. Frank Rimer  died peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of Friday morning.

Read our tribute to Frank Rimer

19th January

We are saddened to report the death of Mike Donlevy on Sunday.

Read our tribute to Mike Donlevy

14th December

7th December
Sad news received from former promoter Ron Farrar of the death of  Milan Prica.
Read our tribute to the Leeds based Yugoslavia,

More Recent Tributes

8th March

It's one year since the death of Wayne Bridges. Read our tribute and Wayne's final interview, with Martin Campbell.

Wayne Bridges

7th March

Wrestling Heritage adds a long overdue tribute to a man who has given so much  to British wrestling for the best part of sixty years. And he's the gift that is still giving.

Read our tribute to Eddie Rose

7th March


Few could be called unique. But there was no one quite like Quasimodo, one of the most colourful of characters in British rings during the 1960s.

Read our tribute to Quasimodo.

7th March


The Mexican beaten by George Kidd. But who was this invisible man of wrestling.

Has Heritage discovered the answer?

Rudi Quarez

It's All About the Memories

21st February


It's Round three. Grab your ringside seat for the greatest wrestling feud of all time.The full story is here, only on Heritage.

The story of wrestling's greatest feud

McManus v Pallo

31st January

Wrestling wasn't just about the big names seen on the television. Far from it.  Eddie Rose celebrates wrestlers from the opposition.

Read Th'Opposition

24th January

Memorable Moments.

Graeme Cameron has many memorable moments from the 2000 Olympics. In the third and final part he shares two of the most special ones.

My Olympic Experience Part 3

17th January

Graeme Cameron remembers a few of those he encountered at the Olympic Games.

My Olympic Experience Part 2


17th January


It's time for the sixth and final round from Martin Campbell. Golden memories from The Golden Days for Fenland

Read the Golden Days For Fenland

10th January


More entertaining tales from Martin Campbell as Joint Promotions muscle in to independent country

Golden Days for Fenland Round 5

3rd January


More Golden Days where charity began at home, with a look at Anglia Promotions and their stars.

The Golden Days for Fenland Part 4

20th December
Get ready for round 3.
Big Bill is Out on the Road


28th February

Remember a real life hero on the anniversary of his death

Arthur Jackson

24th February


Wrestling Heritage remembers the day that professional wrestling came to Newcastle

New St James Hall

The Galleries - Where a picture is worth a thousand words

2nd January

Join The Ost down at the Hackney Empire in his latest Galleries album

Hackney Empire

29th December

New albums in the Gallery from Ron Historyo

Garfield's Tours

Rhyl 1950

27th December

New albums in the Gallery from The Ost

Sutton in Ashfield

Kirby In Ashfield

17th December
Ron Historyo continues to catalogue wrestling in Leicester in the 1950s and 1960s.

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11th April


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4th April


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