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7th August

Part 2 of a New Tribute

Jake "Dutch" Zorra was a man of many personalities, a globetrotting Chameleon

Read Part 2 of our tribute, The Globetrotting Chameleon

31 July 2022


Earl Maynard was a wrestler with muscles on his muscles......

Read our tribute to Earl Maynard

31 July 2022


Ron Historyo continues to ramble around the country in search of wrestling in years gone by.  Have a read and then add your own memories

Ron's Wrestling Rambles to Newark

31 July 2022


One of the outstanding wrestlers of the third quarter of the twentieth century. On the anniversary of his death two years ago celebrate  an innovative performer who was a star on an international stage. 

Memories of Rollerball from The Norfolk Snake.

Read our tribute to Rollerball Mark Rocco followed by Memories of Rollerball.

27 July 1922
Today would have been the 100th birthday of Joe D'Orazio, who died a few weeks ago.

26 July 2022


We are saddened to report the death of Heritage member and wrestling enthusiast Lofty Waterman on 19th July.

Lofty Waterman

24 July


Jake "Dutch" Zorra toured the UK. In fact, he was neither American nor German-born.....

Graeme Cameron uncovers the globe-trotting life of Dutch Zorra

Read our tribute to Jake "Dutch" Zorra

24 July


Johnny South had a hard edge, the sort of style that woke up the fans.....

Read our tribute to Johnny South

23rd July 2022
This is Marie Caldwell, the wife of Eddie Rose. Marie has set herself a challenge. Marie aims to virtually run the distance from Lands End to John O'Groats and then celebrate her 85th birthday on 26th August. Marie is fund raising for Bury Hospice and you can contribute one Marie's Just Giving Page.

22 July


Wrestling Heritage remembers Scotland's Bill Robertson, who died earlier this month.

Read our tribute

10 July 2022


At the request of Joe D'Orazio and Ken Sowden Wrestling Heritage continues to commemorate all those who were inducted into the British Wrestlers Reunion Hall of Fame.

British Wrestlers Reunion Hall of Fame

10 July 2022


Wrestling Heritage adds a tribute to Honey Boy Zimba.

Read our tribute to Honey Boy Zimba

10 July 2022


His unpredictable nature made all his bouts all-action affairs, and one of the few wrestlers able to please fans of the Mountevans era and those of the new millennium.

Read our tribute to Skull Murphy

10 July 2022


Tom Tyrone was a popular young heavyweight who entered the professional ranks in the late 1970s. 

Read our tribute to Tom Tyrone

10 July 2022


The world loved Paula Valdez. From the days she was one of the greats of female wrestlers until the time she managed Fit Finlay, instructing him in that very dogmatic way that is the hallmark of a Lancashire woman.

Read our tribute to Paula Valdez

03 July 2022

Ron travels south. He's at the Chelsea Palace.

Ron's Wrestling Rambles - Chelsea Palace

More Recent Additions

07 August


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This week in our wrestling heritage

13 August 1930

Birth of Eric Taylor

Read our tribute

13 August 1936

Wrestling continued to divide opinion and Goole Town Council imposed a ban on All-In wrestling in the council owned Victoria Pleasure Gardens.

13 August 1938

Birth of Brian Maxine

Read our tribute

13 August 1943

Norman Morrell, Bert Mansfield, Ted Beresford and Robert McDonald were among the wrestlers that took part in a wrestling show to raise money for Hartlepool Hospital.

11 August 1929

Birth of Dennis Mitchell

Read our tribute

11 August 1934

The four day Anti-Fascist Sports Festival opened in Paris with wrestling one of the events. Among the forty British competitors taking part was Stepney wrestler Harry Rabin.

10 August 1936

Birth of Honey Boy Zimba

Read our tribute

10 August 1937

Wrestler Bob “Black Eagle” Adams made his debut as a professional boxer when he met Swansea’s Jim Wilde at Briton Ferry, South Wales.

10 August 1939

Birth of Referee Bobby Stafford

10 August 1946

Bert Assirati kept his heavyweight title against George Gregory at Belle Vue, Manchester.

10 August 1948

A controversial win for Bert Assirati against The Angel.

09 August 1910

Birth of Guy Falla

He's in the A-Z

09 August 1940

1930s wrestler Tug Wilson launched a scheme in Dover to raise £5000 for a spitfire fighter. He said that he would box or wrestle anyone and donate all his winnings to the Dover Spitfire Fund.

09 August 2020

Death of Big Jim Harris

He's in the A-Z

08 August 1912

Birth of Jack Dale

Read our tribute

08 August 1928

Birth of Al Hayes

Read our tribute

08 August 1928

Birth of boxing and wrestling promoter Peter Keenan.

08 August 1941

When a show at Hanley had been particularly decimated by wartime commitments the promoters advertised that for the next show they would give £10 to charity if any wrestler failed to appear.

08 August 1957

Adrian Street made his professional debut against Gentleman Geoff Moran in London

08 August 1975

Death of Rudi Saturski

08 August 2005

Death of Dean Rockwell

Read our tribute

07 August 1941

Phil Siki, The Black Arrow, was appointed Deputy Leader of the London University College A.R.P. Depot.

07 August 1959

Death of Charlie Glover

Read our tribute

03 July 2022


If anything was in a name then Barnsley heavyweight villain would know best, because he had three of them.....

Read our tribute to Harry Bennett

03 July 2022


Eric Cutler was a bearded rule bender who looked the part even before he started wearing the black leather hood which became a trademark....

Read our tribute to Eric Cutler

26 June 2022


Clive Myers was a slick welterweight who turned pro in 1970 after successful amateur wrestling and weightlifting experience. He took little time exciting the public in any bout he was involved in.

Read our tribute to Clive Myers

26 June 2022


Cashel is a small town, population around 4,000, in the south of Ireland. It’s famous for the Rock of Cashel, which doesn’t refer to our subject but one of the town’s sights.

Read our tribute to Tiger Jimmy Ryan

23 June, 2022


We are saddened to report the death of Brighton's Ray Luxford

Read our tribute to Ray Luxford

19 June 2022


On the road again, Ron Historyo stays somewhere up there.

Ron's Wrestling Rambles to Widnes

19 June 2022


In a wrestling career that seemed to fit itself into a relatively short twenty years Tony Cassio certainly crammed a lot into it......

Read our tribute to Tony Cassio

19 June 2022


One of the young wrestlers coming on to the scene in the late 1970s was Nigel Hanmore from Tonbridge, known in the wrestling ring as Tommy Stewart....

Read our tribute to Tommy Stewart

12 June 2022


Britain's greatest wrestling export? That's what some would say. He's certainly made a huge contribution to the prestige of British wrestling.

Read our tribute to Steve Regal

12 June 2022


If only all the new kids on the block had been like Johnny Kidd we would be discussing a very different wrestling heritage.

Read our tribute to Johnny Kidd

05 June 2022


Who didn't like Blondie Barratt.  OK, just one hand up at the back of the room.

Read our tribute to Blondie Bob Barratt

05 June 2022

Those boots just keep on walking. Ron Historyo arrives in Stafford

Ron's Wrestling Rambles - Stafford


06 August 1938   A man entered the ring at the New St James Hall, Newcastle, gave a fascist salute and presented the referee with a lemon.   The Newsletter

05 August 1918   Birth of Prince Barnu   Read our tribute

05 August 1934   Birth of Bruce Allison   He's in the A-Z

05 August 1935   Jack Sherry defeated Francis Gregory in Penzance to keep his World Heavyweight title.    The Newsletter

05 August 1938   Scottish wrestler Jim Anderson was a bit too fast and was fined 15/6 at Dundee Police Court for driving at 50mph on Perth Road, Dundee.

05 August 1942   Birth of Black Jack Mulligan   Read our tribute

05 August 1949    A 13 year old boy from Dewsbury was admitted to Leeds General Infirmary with concussion, a fractured shoulder blade and a spinal injury. James Rawlings, son of wrestler Alf, had fallen fifteen feet from a tree near Woodkirk Church

04 August 1932   A fine display of wrestling from Ben Sherman as he defeated Norman the Butcher at the Ring, Blackfriars.   The Newsletter

04 August 1933   Douglas Clark was informed by the International Wrestling Syndicate he must defend his Catch as Catch Can British heavyweight title in October, 1933, against the winner of an Elimination Tournament.

04 August 1934    Wrestler Mitchell Gill was fined £5 and had his driving licence suspended for twelve months when found guilty of driving a motor cycle without insurance and a road fund licence.

04 August 1958   George Kidd defended his World Lightweight title against Jack Santos at The Granby Halls, Leicester

04 August 1978   Death of Margerich Anaconda   Read our tribute

03 August 1924   Birth of Karel Istaz   Read our tribute

03 August 1936   Birth of Jack Fallon   Read our tribute

03 August 2011   Death of Stedman Clarke   He's in the A-Z

03 August 2017   Death of long serving Dale Martin Second, Charlie Cornish

02 August 1878   Birth of George Hackenschmidt    Read our tribute

01 August 1961   Eric Taylor retained his British heavy middleweight title against Clayton Thomson in Aberdeen

01 August 1972   Death of Ray Gunkel   He's in the A-Z

31 July 2020   Death of Mark Rocco   Read our tribute

30 July 1972   Death of Padvo Peltonin   Read our tribute
29 July 1929   Birth of Alan Dennison   Read our tribute
29 July 1943   Birth of Earl Black   Read our tribute
29 July   Happy Birthday Bernard Hughes
28 July 1939   Ben Sherman lost the World Light Heavyweight Title to Jack McLaughlin in Liverpool
28 July 2007   Death of Karel Istaz   Read our tribute
28 July 2021   Death of Referee Bobby Stafford
27 July 1922   Birth of Joe D'Orazio   Read our tribute
27 July 1964   Death of Robert McDonald   Read our tribute
26 July 1930   Liverpool Echo announced that Wigan boxers and Wrestlers had formed the Wrestlers and Boxers Comrades Association to pursue the revival of wrestling and boxing  in Wigan.
26 July 1936   Dan O’Mahoney returned home and was welcomed by hundreds of farmers on horseback who formed a guard of honour for their hero in the County Cork village of Ballydehob.
26 July 2000   Death of promoter Peter Keenan
25 July 1928   Birth of Johnny Czeslaw   Read our tribute
25 July 1935   Birth of Tiger Jimmy Ryan   Read our tribute
25 July 1941   Birth of Maurice La Rue   Read our tribute
25 July 2007   Death of Bob Bell   He's in the A-Z
25 July 2013   Death of Frank O’Donnell   He's in the A-Z
25 July 2019   Death of Jim Rawlings   Read our tribute
24 July 1933   7000 watch Douglas Clark beat Laurent Gertsmanns in Huddersfield in a return match for the world heavyweight title.
24 July 1997   Death of Leon Arras   Read our tribute

23 July 1919   Birth of George Thompson (Mustapha Nasser)   Read our tribute

23 July 1920   Birth of Max Ward   Read our tribute

23 July 1940   Birth of Thunder Sugiyama   He's in the A-Z

22 July 1896   Birth of Billy Riley   Read our tribute

22 July 1911   Birth of Stan Roberts   Read our tribute

22 July 1932   Foundation Stone laid of Liverpool Stadium

21 July 1934   Birth of Ted Heath   Read our tribute

21 July 2005   Death of Al Hayes   Read our tribute

21 July   Happy Birthday Sabu Gurdial Singh   In the newsletter

19 July 1934   Birth of Johnny Eagles   Read our tribute

19 July 1993   Death of Bruno Elrington   Read our tribute

18 July 1909   Birth of Mitchell Gill   Read our tribute

18 July 2020   Birth of Terry Camm   Read our tribute

17 July 1912   Birth of Norman Morrell   Read our tribute

17 July 2004   Death of Pat Roach  Read our tribute

17 July 2019    Death of Pete Curry   Read our tribute

15 July 1910       Birth of Taffy Jones   Read our tribute

15 July 1935       Birth of Tony Charles   Read our tribute

14 July 1979      Death of Klondyke Billl   Read our tribute

14 July 2013      Death of Ramon Napolitano  Read our tribute

13 July 1913      Birth of Bill Ogden    Read our tribute

13 July               Happy Birthday Les Prest  Read our tribute

12 July 2012      Death of Dara Singh  Read our tribute

10 July 1989     Death of Prince Barnu   Read our tribute


27 June 2022
Sadly we report our second death of the week and pay tribute to Klondyke Jake

17 April


Ken Sowden reports: Sad news received this morning (17th April) that Tony 'Banger' Walsh passed away peacefully on the 16th April. 

Read our tribute to Banger Walsh

10 March 2022


Goodbye to our Father of Wrestling, Giusseppe Augusto Antonio Loreto Mario Scala

Joe D'Orazio

13 February


Sad news received of the death of 1960s/70s wrestler Steve Casey from Boston, Lincolnshire.

Read our tribute

Shining Stars - the most famous names in wrestling

The Galleries - Where a picture is worth a thousand words

2nd January

Join The Ost down at the Hackney Empire in his latest Galleries album

Hackney Empire

29th December

New albums in the Gallery from Ron Historyo

Garfield's Tours

Rhyl 1950

27th December

New albums in the Gallery from The Ost

Sutton in Ashfield

Kirby In Ashfield

17th December
Ron Historyo continues to catalogue wrestling in Leicester in the 1950s and 1960s.

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