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British wrestling history has a name - Heritage

Wrestling Heritage celebrates the glorious days of 

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between the years 1930 and 1988.

Wrestling Heritage - Preserving Britain's social history

10th November
Mike Demitre has joined Personality Parade.
For anyone who was interested in professional wrestling in the mid Twentieth century the name Mike Demitre is one that is known and respected. By the 1960s it was his role as an authoritative referee for which most people now remember him, yet the stories of one of the great wrestlers of previous decades have endured to this day....

10th November
An Addition to the A-Z
We all know that not everyone could make it to wrestling stardom. Often it was due to lack of talent, but in the case of Wilf Archer it wasn’t a lack of wrestling talent but  due to talents in other fields.

10th November
Anniversary of Basil Coulolias
New Zealand's Basil Coulolias was born on 10th November, 1927.

2nd November

Happy Birthday Tony Scarlo

Heritage sends birthday greetings to Tony Scarlo who celebrates his birthday on 2nd November

Cockney Spirit

See more of Johnny Kincaid, Karl Heinz, Tony Scarlo, Glitterboy Evans  and others than you ever thought possible.
Move over Calendar Girls.

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Needing help?
If you are researching a wrestling ancestor Ron Historyo is waiting to help you. Ron and the Heritage team have helped dozens of families discover their family's wrestling past.

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27th October

Death of Lee Sharron

We are saddened to announce the death of Leeds heavyweight Lee Sharron.

Read our tribute

27th October

Additions to the A-Z

We have ten new entrants to our A-Z

Shirley Crabtree Sr ...... Emperor (1980s) ..... Tiny Greenhill ..... Tommy Mack ..... Fazal Mohammed .....Karl Romsky ..... Harry Walker ..... Earl Warwick ..... Dave Webb .... Nonga Womba

27th October

In His Father's Likeness

Heritage remembers Ernie Riley on the anniversary of his death in 2000.

Read more

20th October


Chameleon was one of the names used by Barnsley's Alan Manterfield in the 1940s, but could equally have applied to Bradford's Alan Dennison, a man of contrasting styles.

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20th October, 2019
Death of Jim Howard
The British Wrestlers Reunion have announced the death of Dale Martin second Jim Howard. A regular attendant at the Kent Reunion Jim always had plenty of time to spend talking about the old days. We will miss him, as will many others. We send our condolences to Jim's family and friends.

13th October, 2019

The Golden Age of Wrestling - Fact or Fiction?

Ray Hulm asks the question. He gets the answers.

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13th October

Welsh Davey's Cardiff Collection

See them here

11th October

Wrestling Heritage remembers Jack Sherry on the anniversary of his death in 1969.

On The Trail of Jack Sherry

Top Wrestlers of the 1930s - Jack Sherry

8th October

The Seymour Hall from the Dave Cameron Collection

See them here

6th October

Additions to the A-Z.

Jumping Jim Farrell ….. Paul Farrell ….. Carl Ferdinand ….. Roy Fields ….. Legs Fletcher …..  Patrick Flyer ….. Tony Fraser ….. George French ….. Mike Futa

To the A-Z

6th October, 2019

New Reunion section added to Heritage.

We have added a new section to Heritage with pages dedicated to the Reunions in Kent, Blackpool and Ayr.

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29th September
Wrestling as it was. The year is 1955, and this is what was happening.

15th September

It's Scottish Reunion Day

Ron Historyo celebrates with four new albums added to the Gallery

Hamilton 1960-62

Hamilton 1963-65

Hamilton 1966 Onwards

Scotland Various

15th September

Happy Birthday Dicky Swales. A Heritage celebration.

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9th September

Wrestling Heritage remembers a pioneer; a champion of nearly 100 years go.
Harry Pennington was one of Britain's best catch as catch can wrestlers of the 1920s ....


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